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I’m pretty sure that Santa will be bringing lots of scooters this Christmas, they’re a great way to encourage your child to be active and burn some of that energy off! They’re great fun – just be sure your little one is wearing the correct safety equipment.

After our trip to the skate park last week, my biggest girls have dusted off their scooters and are keen to get out and ride them again. There was a time when they went everywhere on a scooter. I’ve challenged them to learn a couple of tricks on their scooters – while scooters are great for getting from a to b, they’re also fab for doing some tricks on.

Halfords have put together this fantastic infographic, full of hints and tips to take you from beginner to pro… why not learn a trick or two and impress all of your friends? I’m thinking even I could manage a hippy jump!


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  1. Julien Peter Benney

    December 10, 2015 at 04:25

    The tragedy I have had recently, where my excessive eating over the years has left me so heavy that there is no remotely affordable bicycle strong enough to resist my mass of over 130 kilograms (that’s 20 stone on the old scale) makes me almost envy your children, Polly!

    I spent $327 (about 150 pounds sterling) to have a repair to my bike’s gearing system and the bike shop told me it would be much stronger. Guess what? The new pedal snapped on the first night as I jumped on the bike (I forget whether it went when I was riding). The bike shop said this morning that there probably is literally no bicycle crank designed to take 130 kilograms of mass, period. (Maybe if there does exist one with a 100 percent plus guarantee of not smashing on such weight, it would cost vastly more than I could ever hope to pay!) So yesterday is likely my last day of cycling!

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