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One room that we have barely touched since we moved into this new house is our bathroom {well, bathroomS}. While they both have new suites in them, they don’t have the cosy feel of our old bathroom. I used to really love a soak in the tub, though these days I mostly only have time for a shower. The guest bathroom doesn’t get used much anyway, but the upstairs bathroom in our main space, and it’s fairly big, open and cold feeling. It has gorgeous subway tiles, but the grey walls and openness means it feels almost clinical.

I’ve been browsing bathrooms.com, and drooling over all the gorgeous suites. I’ve always lusted after a roll top bath, but that’s not going to be happening anytime soon! Seeing as a shower is my main form of washing these days, I’ve been thinking about upgrading our basic shower head to something a little more luxurious. I’m seriously in love with some of these showers, this wall mounted shower head looks perfect.

Our bathroom had no built-in storage, so I’ve been searching for something to go in, I really like these bamboo shelves and towel rack. I think they’d bring a little warmth and softness to the room {and some much-needed storage!}.

As I mentioned, the room feels quite cold so I’m planning on adding a little more colour with some accessories. New towels, colourful accessories and a few essential candles.  I’m hoping that a few little changes will make the room feel a little more welcoming and somewhere I enjoy spending time.

Are you a shower or bath person?

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