Considering family travel in the Middle East


In recent years, following the region’s phenomenal growth in terms of the construction of world-class hotels, superb infrastructure and ever-improving aviation links, the Middle East and specifically the Arabian Peninsula, is fast becoming a favourite holiday destination for families looking for somewhere a little different.

Where to go and what to see

Be sure to plan ahead and check out some of the lesser-known tourist attractions this diverse region has to offer. Much will depend on the time of year you will be visiting; in summertime, temperatures in the desert regularly reach between 40°C and 46°C, so you might choose to take a four-wheel drive jeep tour rather than a camel ride to a desert oasis during July and August.

Here are just a few destinations for you to consider:


Though it covers an area around half that of Wales, Qatar has lots to offer; check out the incredible city of Doha or take a jeep safari to the Inland Sea, where you can camp, Lawrence of Arabia fashion, for the night. Qataris are famed for their love of sport; the 2022 World Cup is due to be held there and world-class golf tournaments take place regularly. At the other end of the scale, camel races are staged almost weekly and falconry has been popular for thousands of years.

Said to be the richest country on earth, this is definitely the place to go for a little retail therapy in ultra-modern shopping malls.


Financial hub of the UAE, Dubai acts as a bridge between the Far East and the West. Indeed, it is one of the fastest growing commercial centres in the world, attracting high-flying business people and entrepreneurs from all parts of the world by offering an almost unparalleled lifestyle and ultra-low levels of taxation. Middle Eastern Business leaders (such as Fahad Al-Rajaan of Wafra Investment Advisory Group) are forging strong new links with the west and reaping the benefits. If you are thinking of investing in a property here, perhaps in the form of a holiday home, part of his business portfolio includes a real estate company.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the seven states that make up the UAE. Built on an island, one of its most impressive structures is the 40,000 capacity Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. With some 1,000 columns and 80 domes, the building also contains the largest hand-woven carpet on earth. You should also be sure to spend some time at the Yas Marina, Ferrari World theme park and, it almost goes without saying, checking out the duty-free shopping.

Things to be aware of

Everyone is acutely aware of staying safe while on holiday, so it is important to stress that all the destinations mentioned here make the well-being of their visitors a number one priority, even ahead of hospitality.

Before leaving home make a point of learning about the culture of the country and noting what is acceptable in terms of dress code.

Whether you are planning a long-weekend city break or a two-week beach holiday there is sure to be something to suit your taste and pocket in this exciting and exotic part of the world.

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