Three Good Things

two brothers playing in the mud kitchen

Godo morning! I hope you all had a lovely weekend? Ours was so good! I enjoyed the sunshine, pottered around my garden, had a fire, went in the hot tub, saw my Mama, watched a couple of movies, zoomed with all my family, and went to the river.

I’ve been trying hard to keep weekends as work-free as possible. With life resuming, our weeks are getting busier, so it’s nice to have some downtime at the weekend – when I can unwind and try and shake off the stresses of my crazy weeks. I’m juggling SO many balls at the minute, it’s a bit full-on sometimes!

Anyway, here are my #threegoodthings from the last week…. what are yours?


More often than not, the kids {or some of them} stay with thier Dad on a Saturday night and spend Sunday with him. So on the rare occasion, I have them I LOVE it! It’s such a treat to have a whole day when we have nothing planned and nowhere we have to go. I try and make the most of it, planning an outing or spending the day doing something with all of us together. This week we went for a bike ride to the river, complete with picnic. Bliss.


Out pottering around on Saturday, and I was struck with a reminder of how much I love my garden. It’s not huge, but houses a hot tub, trampoline, swing, climbing frame, mud kitchen, shed full of toys, lawn, and patio…. it’s greening up, there are bluebells and celandines under the trees, the lilac is almost in bloom, there are birds in the trees and it’s such a wonderful, peaceful space.


I’m sitting writing this post, late on a Sunday night, after a beautiful weekend. The fact that this is what I get to do for a living makes me so grateful. When I started this blog 11 {!} years ago, I never imagined I’d still be writing it now or it would become my job.

Here’s my button if you’d like to join in and blog your gratitude list!

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