Interesting and Flexible Careers for Working Mums


It is difficult to have a full time, nine-to-five job, raise children and at the same time maintain a family life. Traditionally, there has always been sacrifice involved with deciding to become a working mum. The good news is that it is now easier than ever to find flexible jobs that would allow one to successfully balance work and parenthood. Start by doing your research online, simply type the sought after job title in any town or city in North Wales on job aggregator sites like to see your prospects. If you don’t get many results for the position you desire, have a look at job opportunities in bigger cities nearby – like Liverpool in this case. Finding the right match is important and ideal for mums who rely on that income to support their family. The following are some flexible job options for working mums:

Creative Industry

The 21st Century does have some benefits. It is now easier than ever to become a creative professional. Not only can you self-promote your own art online, but your art can be solely based online too. For instance, blogging can be a profitable option, while providing flexibility to plan your day around your kids’ schedule.

If your creativity manifests itself through beauty work, you may consider becoming a hairstylist or makeup artist. Not only is it high demand but you would have the potential freedom of working from home, taking time off when needed, and setting your own hours.

Health Field

If you are a professional mummy with a desire to maintain your independence in the health field, nursing can be extremely flexible work, providing many opportunities and scheduling options.

You might also be interested in preventative healthcare. If you have the passion for fitness, you might consider becoming a personal trainer or a fitness instructor. The possibilities are endless and you are often able to create your own schedules (and cut down on your own gym time).

Service Industry

If you are dying to get out of the house for a few hours a week you might consider becoming a part-time sales associate at a department store. This can provide some mums with a much-needed escape from the stress of family life.

You could also become a server or bartender for the same reasons. This would allow you to be home during weekdays and have the flexibility of determining your own shifts. It is also great for making tips, especially beneficial during the holidays.


If you are an entrepreneur at heart, then you might consider opening a small business. This is ideal for mums who would like to remain wholly independent and have a sense of business-savvy.

If you have a personality suited for sales, you might consider becoming a realtor. They often set their own schedule and often work mostly nights and weekends. This is ideal for women who would like to be home with their children during the day. This is also a career that can become very lucrative.

As you can see, today’s mums are not as limited as they used to be. It is possible for them to choose their own career that fulfils their needs and goals without sacrificing sanity or coveted time with family.


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