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I’ve been filling my evenings and early mornings with books again lately. Lots of memoirs and self-help books, good, guiding words to rebuild on. I’ve been doing lots of thinking lately about where I’m going and what I want out of life. I saw this book pop up in my IG feed and popped it on pre-order. It came last week and I’ve been soaking in its words ever since, trying to not read it all in one go, though it resonates so loudly that is hard! I’ve been reading a chapter at a time and trying to let the words sink in before I move on. having read Present over Perfect last year, this book truly is just what I needed. Erin shows how she veered off the beaten path, away from fast, fame and frenzy and created a new, more purpose-driven life. It’s given me SO much food for thought – this is one I’d totally recommend to read right now.


I’m not a big TV girl – much prefer to fill my spare time with books BUT… I’ve slowly been working my way through the Gilmore Girls for the past few months {totally late to THAT party!} I’m now half way through Season 5 and starting to wonder what I’ll do when I reach the end! The kids and I have just watched The Series of Unfortunate Events TV series – so so good. Lola and I are also watching Pretty Little Liars as our Friday Date night show. The two of us also went to the cinema the other week to watch The Space Between Us – her request, and I didn’t know a thing about it before I went. But oh my gosh! It was such a good story and totally made me cry {thank goodness the cinema is dark huh?}


Music – it’s rare that there isn’t something playing, somewhere in my house. I hate a totally silent house and I have such a huge love for music. I’m totally eclectic on what I listen to, depending on my mood or what I’m doing. I’m right in the middle of a massive country¬†phase – ever since last year when a friend told me about Margo Price {who totally got me through the breakup}. I treated myself to an Amazon Echo at the start of the year, best thing ever, and love having so much music at my fingertips. I tend to have it playing a modern country playlist in the daytimes when I’m working or pottering around the house. Perfect to sing along to – though Kiki tells me off if I sing the songs when we’re in public ha!!


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