This Homeschooling Life #15


Another month! October saw some big transitions for us… mainly in that Lola started school halfway through the month. The first couple of weeks of October we knew she would be starting soon, so while she kept doing some things at home, we just kind of made the most of our last couple of weeks of having her around in the day times. The first week she was at school was really strange. For one, I was getting up super early with her {6.30am!}, and the other kids ended up waking up earlier than normal… meaning we’d often finished our days tasks by about 11am and were at a bit of a loss as to what to do! It felt so odd not having her at home, after 9 years of her being here all day every day. Even her sisters must have missed her a little as they were both hanging around the front door waiting for her to get home each day!


We’ve slowly been settling into our new normal, and building new routines. I’ll be honest and admit it feels a little less stressful now I don’t have to worry about what she needs, especially as we were coming up to GCSE time. Kiki and Baya are close enough that a lot of projects they can work on together. We’re starting to find our feet, I have them doing a little maths and English work a couple of mornings a week, meaning I can potter or play with Beastie and help them as/when they need me.

I’ve also pulled in some daily read-aloud time for us all.. this month’s Book Club book was a little trickier than Baya could manage, so we’ve started reading it together every day, generally the girls draw whilst I read. I’m actually really enjoying this time, and it makes me stop and pause each day! It’s nice to bring us together over a story too {and means I get to enjoy the book as well!}.



We’ve also been doing lots of arts and crafts this month. It’s been really therapeutic, and again, is a lovely activity that we can all join in with – even Beastie as he loves painting and drawing! We’ve just discovered the CreativeBug website and have been delving into some of the amazing lessons it has. We’re currently working on this line drawing class and really loving it.


All three girls have also been to a couple of art workshops at our local gallery, we’ve been to the zoo, to our book club, they have been play dates and autmn walks, pumpkin carving, firework displays… sometimes looking back, you reaslie how much you’ve done even when it doesn’t feel like it.



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  1. Hello! I remember reading Walk Two Moons when I was in Year 9…it definitely left an impression on me. I’ll look forward to checking out the creativebug website, it sounds good :)

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