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play the forest school way

Forest Schools have become more and more popular recently, with many parents worried about reports of obesity, the effects too much screen time on their children, and ‘nature deficit disorder’. Forest School brings so many benefits to our children, including playing in nature, learning through experience, free play and managing risk. I know firsthand just how positive the effect on children of spending time in nature is. I try to strike a healthy balance of indoor/outdoor time – my kiddos love to watch a little TV or play a few games, BUT they also love to get down to the woods and spend some time with nature. When we’re having *one of those days*, we’re all tired, or grumpy, or stressed out, or just in need of a break, I’ll pack up a picnic and head to the woods for the day.

If the idea of Forest School appeals, or you’d just like to introduce some of it’s ideas and principles to your life, Play The Forest School Way is a book you’ll want to read. It is a woodland adventure book packed full of outdoor activities for both parents and children. Some of the ideas included are making nature jewellery, constructing a bow and arrow, foraging for food and making a fire. The book is written by Jane Worroll, an ex-countryside ranger, and Peter Houghton, a trained Forest School leader.

Whilst aimed at parents or carers, the beautiful illustrations and simply written instructions mean that children could easily delve into the book themselves. It would be a great book for a homeschooling family, and also a great holiday companion for schooled children, who are in need of some fun entertainment through the summer holidays. It also celebrates the Forest School philosophy of encouraging self­-esteem, confidence and social skills.

We’ve bookmarked so many activities? to try out this summer. There are great ideas for 1-2 children, and some great activities for larger groups to enjoy together. I’ve a couple of activity sheets, taken from the book, to share with you – click on the images below for a printable PDF so you can get a taste for the book.

scavenger hunt
mud faces

2 thoughts on “Review | Play The Forest School Way

  1. Both of my two used to go to forest school and they loved it! It was quite sad when they went to school and all of that stopped. I’d love it if schools started doing their own forest schools. At ours they go for a welly walk once a week but it’s not the same thing.
    One thing my daughter used to love doing at forest school was a journey stick, where they’d pick up all sorts of treasure on their travels and tie them onto a piece of string.
    This book looks really lovely, thanks for sharing :)

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