Wedding Season Is Here! Style Tips To Create The Perfect Outfit

Wedding season is officially here. If you’re attending weddings this summer, you may be planning outfits and wondering what to wear. Here are some simple tips to help you create the perfect outfit for every wedding.

Dress code

Have a look at your wedding invitations before you start thinking about shopping for new clothes. Often, the couple will specify a dress code. In many cases, this will give you a rough idea of what to wear. In some instances, you may find that there is a specific theme or a more detailed description. You may be asked to wear fancy dress of some kind or be advised to go for something formal or more laid-back. If you’ve been asked to dress in a certain way, for example, black tie, make sure your outfit fits the bill.


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Individuality and finishing touches

The last thing you want when you’ve spent months searching for a new dress is to turn up and find somebody else in it. Try and make your outfit unique. You can do this by using accessories or by customising your ensemble. If you have a plain dress, lift your look with statement shoes or an embellished or printed clutch. Add an eye-catching necklace or some opulent earrings. If you’ve got a patterned or brightly coloured dress, go for understated accessories. Make sure you take your dress or skirt with you when you’re shopping for accessories. This will make it easier to envisage the whole look.


If you’re not a dress person, don’t worry. There are lots of other options you could try. Opt for a romantic pleated midi skirt and a pretty beaded top for an outdoor wedding. Choose a chic short suit for a cosmopolitan city wedding. Go for a jumpsuit if you’d rather have your legs covered.


Wedding flowers are not just for table centrepieces and displays at the venue. You can also use flowers to finish off your outfit. Add a corsage to marry the colours you’ve chosen or use flowers to create a Bohemian look for a festival-themed wedding. Visit your local florist and go through some ideas.


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Even the most spectacularly beautiful outfit won’t make you feel fantastic if you’re not comfortable. Don’t buy something if you feel self-conscious in it or it doesn’t fit properly. It’s important that you feel confident in what you wear. If you’re constantly tugging at your top or pulling the skirt down, this will ruin your day. Weddings are all-day events, so you need an outfit that is easy to wear. If you’re worried about coping with skyscraper heels, take some flats with you for the evening.


Most of us love going to weddings. But trying to find something perfect to wear can be stressful. Follow these golden rules to create comfortable, stylish and beautiful outfits every time. Stick to the dress code, but embrace your individuality. Have fun experimenting with accessories and finishing touches. Mix and match pieces to create a number of outfits if you have more than one wedding. The way you style an outfit can make it look completely different.



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