Add Some Wow Factor to Your Property With These Awesome Ideas


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It is always a good idea to look for ways that will help you improve your home. The trick is to add some wow factor to the property. You’re going to need to make changes in order to accomplish this. There’s plenty you can do to make your property stand out and have the neighbourhood talking.

Take a look at the ideas listed here. All of these are great ways to add some wow factor to your property. So try to use as many of them as you can throughout the property.

Add an Extension

When you first start doing any kind of renovation projects you need to think about extending. It’s an excellent way to add value and a bit of elegance to the home. Think about adding on a conservatory to get the neighbours talking. Of course, you’ll need to get planning permission before you start. And you’ll want to get experts in to make sure the job is done properly.

Wooden Floors

The key to adding wow factor is to update and modernise your home. You need to have additions that people can look at and wish they had at home. And the way to do this is to get wooden floors put in. You see, the floors are the one area of the home that get the most use on a daily basis. So it’s important to have material that is durable and easy to look after. Wooden flooring is low-maintenance and you’ll never need to worry about staining or spillages. It looks fantastic, modern and trendy, and it’ll add value to the home.

Vegetable Garden

Many people these days like to take steps to embrace a greener way of life. And there’s plenty around the home you can do to achieve this. One of the best ideas would be to add a vegetable garden. This allows you to grow your own fruit and vegetables, like having your own allotment. People will be impressed when they come over and see you growing your own food. It allows you to enjoy the freshest organic produce without having to buy it.

Solar Panels

Okay, so, carrying on with the eco-friendly angle how about going for some solar panels? These are an excellent way of making your property more energy-efficient. You can get solar panels put on the roof, or in the garden. They trap the sun’s energy and use it to power parts of your home. This is a brilliant way of cutting down on energy bills. Not to mention the fact that they add to the visual aesthetic of the home. You’ll also find that solar panels add value to your property. So, what are you waiting for?! Make some calls, and start using solar power today!

Get a Pool

If you really want to up the ante, then you need to think about getting a pool installed. This is quite a big project to undertake, but it will be worth it once it’s done. Now, you’ll need to decide whether to get an inground pool, or one that you assemble. You might need to get planning permission. And you will certainly need to have designs. Getting a pool is an amazing way to increase the social power of your home. You can host pool parties in the summer. Or you could just use it for relaxation. But having a pool in your backyard is something many people work towards for years.


Many people choose to introduce art into their homes. This is becoming more and more popular as a part of the contemporary decor. Now, you might have some ideas in mind about the type of art you’d like to have in your home. Some people like to have sculptures and statues, whilst others prefer paintings. You might like to take a more recent approach and go for cheap canvas prints to hang. These operate like a painting except they add an extra dimension and bit of modernity.

Feng Shui

Believe it or not, the Chinese art of Feng Shui can play a major role in transforming your home. Feng Shui is the practice of rearranging your furniture to bring you luck and prosperity. You may or may not agree with the sensibilities behind it. But, you can still use the practice of rearranging furniture to benefit the home. By changing things around you’re going to have a lot more space in the rooms. This makes the property more practical and more appealing to potential buyers.

Flower Garden

Venturing outside again, there are plenty of ways to make the garden more captivating. One of the best things you could do here is to create your own flower garden. Try to take a part of the garden away from everything else. Designate this as the flower area. You can plant all sorts of flowers here, in different colours and sizes. Keep this area exclusively for flowers. It offsets the rest of the garden beautifully. This is an amazing way to keep beautiful flowers and also free the garden up for other things.

Modernise the Kitchen

You need to bear in mind that the kitchen is the crown jewel of your home. When it comes to changes and modifications, this is an excellent place to start. The kitchen provides you with your biggest selling point. So use this as an opportunity to modernise and transform the room. Make it look amazing. Add in fixtures and fittings that catch the eye. Go for a trendy, contemporary design. You should be looking for ways to get the perfect kitchen layout. This will enhance the whole property, and add long-term value to the place.

Wouldn’t you love for your home to be the talk of the town? By giving your property some much needed wow factor, you’ll become the envy of all your neighbours. This is great because it gives you somewhere awesome to live and makes your home much more sellable. Have a look at the ideas on this post, and use them to make your home turn heads and drop jaws.  


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