Make it: DIY Advent Calendar

envelope advent calendar
advent activity calendar

I made the girls an activity advent calendar last year, and they loved it so much I decided to make another this year. We loved having an activity to do each day last year, I’ve kept some the same and some different this year – though depending on when this baby decides to make an appearance it could get interesting! I’ve tried to make more things this year that are ‘home based’ and not date dependent, so in theory we can do them with/without a baby in tow…. Oh – and I also made a ‘cheat sheet’ – a list of all the activities and which number envelope they are in, so if I do need to change things around I can! I’ve put together little bags with any items needed for each of the craft activities, so it’s easy to grab what we need for each one. Hopefully it will mean if Beastie has arrived and Papa is helping out, things will still go to plan!

I used some mini envelopes and scrapbooking stickers, printed out 24 little cards with an activity in each and used mini pegs to hang them all up. I numbered each door as some of our activities are day specific.

Here is the list of activities inside our envelopes:
Take an evening walk & look at the Christmas lights
Read a Christmas Story
Make Christmas Paper Dolls
Make a Gingerbread House
Celebrate the Solstice
Make a button ornament for the tree
Make paperchains
Go to the Christmas Market
Make Cinnamon Ornaments
Go out for Hot Chocolate
Watch ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’
Watch Elf
Make Bottle Top Snowmen
Decorate the Tree
Make Reindeer Food
Bake Christmas Cookies
Make a window garland
Make paper snowflakes
Watch Christmas cartoons
Make a pinecone bird feeder
Make Paper Lanterns
Swap me for the Christmas Eve Box
Swap me for a gift
Swap Secret Santa Gifts

17 thoughts on “Make it: DIY Advent Calendar

  1. Such a great idea! It sounds so obvious but I’ve not thought of it, or seen anyone else mention something like this before – it pretty much guarantees a festive month for the little ones doesn’t it! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your Advent calendar looks so good! We did an activity calendar last year and I did have to switch a few things around. I’ve decided not to do it this year because I’m just feeling a bit overwhelmed and think I need to go easy on myself. I think you’re superwoman and so organised!

  3. I may have to steal this idea if you don’t mind – so simple and so effective and makes for a far better advent than daily chocolate for little people – going to make one of these for sure

    Laura x

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