Christmas Advent Envelope Countdown

Christmas Advent Envelope Countdown

It’s almost December!! The kiddos are starting to get really excited for Christmas now. They have chocolate advent calenders they picked out, but I thought it would be nice to make them a countdown calender full of activities – something fun and festive to do each day. I used mini envelopes, wrote out 24 activities and put one in each envelope. I numbered the envelopes, as some of the activities were day dependent. I put them all together in a little box, ready for the kiddos to open each morning.

DIY advent calendar full of things to do!

Activities in our envelopes include: Visit Santa’s Grotto, go to the Winter Wonderland, watch Elf, make fireplace s’mores, to the pantomime, make ornaments, decorate the tree…. I picked up a couple of Christmas books {The Christmas Carol, The Twelve Days of Christmas, The Night Before Christmas, The Snow Children} so a couple of the envelopes have a note to swap for the book! I think that the kiddos will enjoy opening an envelope and seeing what they get to do each day! It’s a great way of spreading out the festivities.

Christmas Advent Envelope Countdown

The last couple of years, we have created a bucket list for the festive season – this is an updated version of that! It should meant that we actually tick off everything that we want to get done in the ext few weeks. Do you have a list of activites you want to do this Christmas?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Advent Envelope Countdown

  1. This is so adorable!

    I love to take night time walks with hubs and the dog to look at Christmas lights. My friends and I have also done a bake exchange for the last five years or so, where we each make a dozen or so goodies, then get together one night and have a party to exchange and visit during the busy holiday time – I look forward to it every year!


  2. Cute idea!!

    Working in retail has, unfortunately, destroyed my Christmas plans. I was supposed to be skiing with my fiance and his family in New Mexico, but, as a store manager, I have to work the week after Christmas for our end-of-the-year sale. I’m majorly bummed. Instead, I was thinking of helping out at a homeless shelter on Christmas. I just don’t want to have to spend the day alone.

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