Teen Parcel – making that time of the month a little more bearable

Starting your periods can be a daunting experience…. not only do you feel fragile, it can be embarrassing having to have towels or tampons with you. My eldest is on the cusp of this new stage in life, we’ve talked lots and she’s asked lots of questions. I’m happy that she feels she can talk to me about these matters, I’ve always tried to ensure that she’s comfortable asking me anything and not embarrassed about normal bodily functions.

The people at Pink Parcel came up with this great ‘Teen Parcel‘ – a monthly subscription box for tween/teenage girls. Arriving a few days before their period is due, the box contains their choice of towels/tampons as well as some goodies to make them feel better – a drink, something to eat and some pampering treats.

teen parcel

Lola’s first box arrived this week, and we had a look through and a chat about it all. Inside this box was a little black bag full of Tampax Pearl Tampons – perfect for keeping them discreet in your bag, as well as two more boxes of the same Tampons. The best bit [as far as Lola was concerned] was the ‘for you’ box of treats! Inside this month was a bottle of Binky glittery nail varnish, a chocolate flake Teapigs teabag, a packet of Haribo sweets and Clean & Clear Spot control cleanser, moisturiser and spot treatment.

I was impressed at the contents of the treat box, given the £9.95 cost of each Teen Parcel box, they are great value. I’d personally love to receive something like this each month! Lola really liked the idea of these boxes, she thought it was good to have the supplies she’d need come through the door as she thinks it could be embarrassing having to buy them in the shops. She also said that it was nice to have a little box of treats to make her feel better each month if she was feeling a little sad.

teen parcel treat box

Teen Parcel could make a huge difference for teenagers adjusting to having their period. The site is easy to use – you simply select your preference of tampons/towels, let them know the estimated date of your period and then they’ll send you a box through a few days before Aunt Flo is due. You can get your first box for just £5.95 here if you would like to try it out.

Tots100 and Teen Parcel are hosting a Twitter Party next week, to discuss girls issues around starting periods as well as building girls confidence. I’ll share more details on that when I have them.

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