My skincare regime

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I had a few people ask in the past couple of weeks what skincare products I like to use. In the past, I’ve never been loyal to one brand, generally just picking whatever was on offer up in whichever shop I happened to be passing. I’ve come to realise that I’m not in my twenties {sob} anymore and perhaps I should take a little more care!

Since having children my skin has become quite dry. It feels tight when I wake up in the morning, and often by half-way through the day too. I’ve taught myself to actually wash my face and take my makeup off every.single.night ;) I’ve been loving this Organic Surge facewash*, it leaves my skin feeling clean but not dried out at all. I still suffer from the odd spot, usually hormonal, and around my chin and nose. Since using this, these seem to have decreased which is always a bonus ha!

As a busy mama who never gets enough sleep, a fantastic eye cream is a must! I’ve been using this HealGel* eyecream for a couple of months and I am hooked. It isn’t the cheapest, but it’s oh so good. I only use a little so the bottle actually lasts for quite a long time too. My dark circles have faded since I started using it, and my whole eye area feels smoother and less dry and tired. I would really recommend this product as a must have!

Finally, I have been testing out this Pure Chimp Super Cream. The first time I used it, I was really dubious. It feels quite gritty when you first apply it, and a little greasy. However, I found that the gritiness vanishes, and it sinks into your skin leaving so well. After a week of using this, I was sold on it. My skin feels so much softer and more moisturised, and the tightness doesn’t come back mid-way through the day like it was with previous moisturisers I have tried out. I love that it is 100% and vegan too.


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