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DIY: Pinecone Firelighters

basket of pinecone firelighters

Autumn – hot chocolate, warm blankets, log fires, games around the fire.. I love this time of year! One of my favourite things about our home is that we have a real fire. Not only does it keep us warm, it creates a cosy, happy atmosphere. I love the smell of a log fire so much. One way to guarantee that your fire gets going well is these pinecone firelighters. My girls love collecting pinecones on our nature walks, they burn really well and get your kindling popping and crackling quickly.

You’ll Need:

Pinecones, any size as long as they are dry.
Candle wax – you can buy this or use old candle stubs.
Essential oils

Place your candle wax or candle stubs in a double boiler. Heat until it is all melted. You can stir in your essential oil now – I tend to use sandalwood because I love it, but choose whatever you love the most.

Using tongs, place a pinecone in the melted wax, and turn to coat it fully. Lift it out, allowing any excess wax to drip off, then place on a sheet of greaseproof paper to dry.

pinecone firelighters

make your own pinecone firelighters

Once they are dry, they’re ready to use. I store mine in a wicker basket – they look pretty too! Add a couple at the base of your fire, with kindling over them. The wax will make sure the pinecone catch’s light and burns for long enough to ignite the kindling.

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