The importance of self care when you’re sad

self care when depressed

Emotions are a part of life, a little sadness is different to being depressed or yearning for a different way of life. Sometimes it’s OK to acknowledge that we feel sad. Not to wallow in it, but to be extra kind to ourselves, to do something that nourishes your body and mind, that makes you feel good. That quote on salt water is one of my favourites. I love going to the ocean. For me, it’s incredibly soothing and healing. Unfortunately, I can’t always get there when I need to, at those times sweat or tears usually make a good substitute. I mentioned before that for me, a workout is mood-boosting, and it’s true! If I’m feeling a little down, then I’ll usually hope right on the cross-trainer for a good, hard cardio session. Follow that with a long soak in a bath {with a good cupful of bath salts} or a weepy movie and I’ll guarantee I feel better!

If life has gotten on top of me, I’m stressed out, the kiddos are all arguing and yelling and everything is going wrong….. I drop every thing and get outside. Fast. Garden, park, river…. wherever. Rain or sun. getting out in nature does wonders for the soul. For the kiddos too, when they’re over tired or just cranky, some fresh air and running around never fails to help matters.

There are some days that just don´t seem to go quite as we planned. We feel overwhelmed by life and all we want to do is to hide somewhere and never come out again. Sounds tempting? Maybe, but what is even better, is to have a list of things that will turn your day around, things that will make you smile, make you feel loved, or just give you a release for your emotions.

Alongside cardio, a bath and a movie, other things on my list are: bake a cake, hula hoop, take a walk in the park, cuddle my kitty, watch some a comedy show, write a letter to someone I love, cuddle my kiddos, paint just for fun, have a mini dance party in the kitchen, call someone for a chat.

Now, what can you do for yourself when you’re feeling sad?



  1. October 24, 2013 / 17:12

    I let myself have a lot of me time, doing the things I know make me happy and feel better.

  2. Kahler
    October 25, 2013 / 03:53

    I totally agree about the sea it’s so cleansing and healing! When I feel sad I usually go outside with the kids or just have a PJ movie day/afternoon/evening, baths are good too! Will have to give the exercise a go to :)

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