I’ve talked before about how much we love Schleich products, we have a box full of their animals and horses, they are always great quality toys, realistic looking and reasonably priced. When Baya saw that these new figurines, ‘Ice Elves‘ lived in a land called Bayala, she was just a little excited! With an unusual name, she thought it was the best thing ever that there was something she shared a name with.

She’s barely let her sisters get a look in at playing with these, the beautiful Enchantress has been on many adventures and Baya thinks that the Ice Cat pulling her sleigh would make the perfect pet for us ;) I’m sure these will get lots of play time over the coming winter months!

SO glad that it is Saturday at last, it’s been a busy week. Getting back to work after the summer has been tough. I could use a lazy weekend, although this one seems to be fairly busy. We had a sad day yesterday, one of our chickens died. Junebug was one of our ex-battery hens, we were all very sad, and there were many tears shed. At least we know the last year of her life was a happy time.

Hope you all have a fab weekend xx



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