Does Using CBD Vape Pens Help With Slurred Speech?

Slurred speech, characterized by improper pronunciation and speech rhythm change, is not a usual condition. It can develop from scratch over time or be a consequence of a stressful event. Medically referred to as dysarthria, it can affect people in several ways. Depending on the cause, the condition can be short-lived or permanent. Treatment options can vary depending on the intensity of the disorder and the person’s health. Now, the question is, can CBD Vape Pens be a solution? Read on to find out.

The brain and nerves must be healthy for us to have proper speech. Defects in the vocal cords or these parts can lead to dysarthria or slurred speech. Some of the causes of the condition include,

  • Alcohol and drug consumption in amounts that can impair nerve functioning
  • Brain injuries due to accidents
  • Neuromuscular defects that are left unattended

While accidents and injuries are far off the list, medical conditions are generally responsible for causing slurred speech. Other complications include social difficulties and depression. Identifying the disorder is a complicated procedure that includes several scans and tests. Generally, physicians employ MRI and CT scans to scan your brain and nerves for damage. Similarly, EMG, EEG, and NCS can also help identify the disorder.

Preventing the disorder demands you to take a few basic measures like:

  • Working out regularly
  • Maintaining healthy weight
  • Keeping cholesterol and blood pressure under control
  • Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels
  • Keeping blood pressure levels under control

It is crucial to attend to the condition at the earliest to prevent disastrous consequences. Now, let us look at how CBD vape pens can help treat slurred speech.

CBD vape pens and how they can help? 

Before seeing how CBD vape pens can help slurred speech, let us look at the different properties of CBD that can help with slurred speech.

●      Vaping CBD can have neuroprotective effects.

Mostly slurred speech is one of the consequences of nerve damage. It can be due to a disorder or an accident. Whatever the reason is, CBDs’ neuroprotective properties can impact nerve damage positively. As the nerves get better, speech gets back to normal. By doing so, CBD reduces the intensity of nerve damage. Other muscular issues can also result in slurred speech.

In a 2016 study, scientists found that CBD can help aid stroke victims by preventing further damage. The compound possesses properties that can activate and improve brain performance. Studies also say that consuming CBD in regulated amounts can help increase alertness.

●      CBD vape pens can help with anxiety

In some, anxiety and stressful situations can make the speech slurry. Overactivity of the brain and nerves can contribute to a lack of resolution while talking. Anxiety can make it hard for one to focus. CBD possesses anxiolytic properties that can help this situation. CBD vape pens can help the situation by reducing anxiety and stress. In 2019 research, scientists found that moderate amounts of CBD can reduce anxiety at a significant rate.

CBD is also a generalized solution for other anxiety disorders like SAD and PTSD. When one experiences slurred speech due to a panic attack, CBD can be a cure.

Stressful situations can affect an individual physically by putting pressure on muscles. In such cases, vaping CBD can be helpful as it relieves tension in muscles.

●      Vaping CBD improves body functioning.

If you have slurred speech, you need to make consistent efforts to cure it. How? Working out regularly and having a good diet are some ways to start. CBD can help you achieve it at a faster pace.

Our body possesses a complicated system, the endocannabinoid system. As much as it looks, it’s responsible for many or most bodily functions. Researchers say that the system has a role in maintaining a healthy balance in the body. CBD vape pens are probably the ideal option for you. CBD interacts with receptors located in several parts of the body and brings about changes in different systems. To sum up, vaping CBD can help maintain a balance of health.

●      Vaping CBD reduces excitability and helps you relax.

 CBD has relaxing properties. It acts on nerves and relaxes the body.

Why go for CBD vape pens?

You might ask yourself, ” Why should I choose vape pens over all the other available CBD products?” While vape pens can look a bit complicated, they have several advantages to offer:

  • Like oils and tinctures, CBD vape juices enter the body directly. Thus, the effectiveness of the substances is higher with vapes than with other products. With vape pens, CBD becomes more readily available for usage.
  • Vape pens are easy to use. If you are someone that values comfort, vape pens can be an ideal choice.
  • CBD vape pens come in several forms. You can buy and use them accordingly.

Things you should be aware of

CBD vape pens can help in managing slurred speech. There are things you need to keep in mind to make the best out of them.

●      Be mindful of the dosages.

CBD doesn’t work the same for everyone at similar dosages. Start by vaping less frequently to check how your body reacts. If the reaction turns out positive, increase the dosage carefully.

●      Be aware of the market.

There are thousands of CBD vendors out there. You might get confused at a point about what to buy. Go for reputable vendors. If you know someone who uses CBD vape pens, check with them before buying.

●      Know and understand your body.

In the end, it is always your comfort and your body’s reaction to drugs. As you consume CBD, check how your body reacts.

Being cautious and mindful of the effects is essential when consuming a compound like CBD. Check with your physician if you take any other drugs to avoid unwanted hassles. Also, while buying vape pens, make sure you learn how to use them properly.

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