Enchanted Pixie began back in 2010, I was a full-time Mama with three little girls at home. I began blogging to document our day-to-day life and also to give myself something creative to do. I didn’t know much about the world of blogging when I began, but what started as a hobby has grown into something so much more. Six years on, this is the longest I’ve ever stuck at any one thing for – something I’m pretty proud of! Now I work part-time on this blog while I homeschool my four kiddos.

Enchanted Pixie is still a diary of our family life. It’s where I talk about motherhood, parenting, home education, things we’ve done, places we’ve been {or would like to go}, special moments and the everyday. I feel blessed to be able to call this my job – for it means I can help to support my family while spending my days with them.

This space has grown and changed as I have, and indeed as my family has. There are five of us now, Mama, three girls and one little boy. I write about what I know and love, what matters most to us and how we live our life. It’s not perfect, or extraordinary, but it is our story.

About Me…


I’m the writer behind this blog – I’m Polly {Hi!}. I’m 35 years old and a Mama to four. I’ve spent the last 13 years being a Mummy which is the best job in the world. I love being home with my kiddos, getting to spend so much time with them and watch them grow. I worked in retail and as a PA before I became a mummy. I also used to run an online jewellery shop {which I shut down whilst pregnant with my fourth child to focus on family and this blog}.

I love making things – be it jewellery, art, food or handmade body products. I’m happiest at home with my people, I love sweet potato fries, salted caramel ice-cream and elderflower cordial.



Lola is my firstborn, the little lady that made me a mummy. She is almost 13 years old, and I know it’s a cliche, but I can’t believe she could possibly be about to turn a teenager! She’s a history obsessed, book loving, loving girl. Ever since she learnt to read she’s devoured books – especially history books. She knows endless trivia about things, people and places from the past that I’ve never even heard of!

She loves guides, volunteers at our local museum, writes stories and loves YouTube – especially Dan and Phil! She’s the girl that led us to our homeschooling journey.


KIKI (1)

My second born. Kiki is 9 years old, and arrived after a fast 2 hour labour – I don’t think she’s slowed down since!

Full of mischief, she’s always been a bundle of fun. As soon as she could walk she wanted to follow Lola around and do whatever she was doing. She’s the funniest, smiliest, sweetest little girl – though she does love to wind her sisters up too!

She loves doing gymnastics, watching YouTubers, spending time with her friends and crafting – she is always making things!



Baya is my third born daughter – about to turn 7, she was the baby of the family for almost 6 years. She’s always laughing her funny little laugh, loves to be doing whatever her big sisters are. She loves cuddles and reading books, doing gymnastics and making Hama bead creations.

She’s grown up so much this last year since she became a big sister. She hates sleeping in a room on her own, loves horses and is a vegetarian!



VEGA (1)

My fourth baby and first boy! We were very surprised to find out he was going to be a boy – we’d fully expected another girl! He was born three days after Christmas in 2014 and completed my family. He’s a bundle of fun now and he has his big sisters wrapped around his little finger!

He loves to play with the girls {and their toys}, loves cuddles, watching Cookie Monster and pinching food out of the pantry. He loves music so much – you’ll often find him stood in front of the radio dancing away!

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