Refresh Your Bathroom With These Suggestions

The bathroom always seems to be the one room in the house that’s completely forgotten about for those who are looking to renovate. It’s a smaller room, so it’s easy to forget, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a functional and necessary room. The bathroom is for more than just toileting and washing in, though. It’s been used for years as a therapeutic space. Coming home from work after a long day only to sink into a hot bubble bath is less about washing and more about letting go of the stress of the day.

The bathroom is a safe room. It’s the place for self-care and peace, and it’s the place to refresh yourself at the start of the day, too. It’s also a place that should be as refreshed as possible and you can do that when you start renovating the bathroom. Whether you just give the room a deep tile cleaning, or you rip out those tiles and replace them with new ones, you should think about how you can refresh the bathroom. Below, we’ve got some of the best suggestions you need to ensure that your bathroom is looking fresh and modern in no time. 

  1. Think about the size of the space. Before you start with the refurb, look at the size of the room and get to know what you have to work with. You want to know what your room could be and if you want to do more with the space, you have to assess it first. 
  2. Start bringing in a little nature. If this is the room you plan to have some peace in, then you need some nature, too. Plants and flowers are going to add color and life into the bathroom space, and this will make a huge difference to how you feel about it. Succulents are easy to maintain and care for, so choose these if you want to decorate them!
  3. Be selective with your lighting choices. You want bright lights in the bathroom for your makeup and your general wellbeing, but you want the low lights for ambience and relaxation. The lighting choices really do matter for your bathroom, so consider these early based on the size of the room.
  4. Make it soft. From adding rugs to the floor to sink your toes into, to adding folded soft towels in the shelving, making the bathroom soft should be a priority if you want it to be comfortable. It can also add some personality to the space, too, and you should think about the type of atmosphere you want to create when you add texture to the room.
  5. Remember your towels. Think about your current towel collection that we mentioned earlier and upgrade the ones that you’ve got. After a certain number of washes, towels tend to lose their softness and feel harsher. Instead of continuing to use softeners, it might be time to upgrade your towels to a better thread count! 
  6. Clear the bathroom. The clutter isn’t necessary when you want to relax in the bathroom. This is your space to unwind, right? Get rid of the unnecessary stuff and relax!

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