It’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas

As soon as Halloween has been and gone, my kiddos really start to get excited for Christmas. The countdown is on to our tree arriving, getting to decorate and start opening advent calendars!

We usually decorate our tree on the 1st – getting December started in a festive way! This year we had to do it a day early, now the girls are getting older finding a time when everyone is home is tricky. I really wanted to decorate all together as this time next year Lola will be away at University and might not make it home to decorate the tree!

I love a real tree, nothing beats the smell! For the last few years, we’ve had the most beautiful trees from Pines and Needles and this year was no exception. Their trees really are so great, always a lovely shape and barely dropping a needle all month long.

Oren was excited to help decorate the tree this time around, he’s old enough to pick up on the excitement and understand a little.

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