5 steps to creating your dream bathroom

5 steps to creating your dream bathroom

The bathroom is often one of the rooms in the house that gets the least love, as it is ‘only’ used for spending a penny or having a wash in. It is easy to overlook it when you are decorating your house, it can seem pretty low down on the priority list. Yet the bathroom can be somewhere that is a sanctuary,  – especially for Mama’s who want somewhere to escape to for a long, hot soak after the kiddos are all safely tucked up in bed. It is far nicer to have a calm, relaxing, beautiful room to soak in as opposed to one that is just thrown together, and overrun with piles of bath toys, half empty bottles of shampoo and packets of loo roll.

If you’re looking to completely re-do your bathroom, then here are 5 steps to get your on your way to creating your dream bathroom:

1| Create an Inspiration List

If I’m looking to re-do a room in my house, my first stop is usually Pinterest. I love to create a board and pin all of my favourite bathroom pins to it – anything that catches my eye, from the wet wall panels at the Floors To Walls Blog to vintage antique bathtubs, even if it wouldn’t ‘work’ in my house. It is a really great way to see what calls to you, what atmosphere you are looking to create in there, and the sort of style that you prefer.

2| Plan the layout

Think about your bathroom now. Does the current layout of your bathroom make the most of the room? If you have space you might want to add a freestanding bath, or maybe even think about walk-in baths and then having a separate shower unit. You should also think about storage when you’re looking at the layout of your bathroom, it’s essential to have space to keep extra towels, toiletries and loo roll out of sight!

3| It’s all about colour

Colour can make such a huge difference to a room. Are you an all white person, or a bright and colourful person? Light colours can make a small room appear larger and lighter. Jewelled colours give a touch of decadence. You don’t have to go full on colour – you could add a border of coloured tiles, or paint an untiled wall.

4| Don’t forget about the floor

Flooring can plan a big part in a room. It’s easy to overlook it, but it really can change the whole feel of a room. There are some gorgeous flooring options available – from wood to tiles, even non-slip flooring for extra safety. I love wood effect tiling, it adds warmth to the room, while still being easy to clean up. one thing really worth considering is underfloor heating – it can make such a difference, imagine getting out of a bath in the winter onto a lovely warm floor!

5| Look at the little details

Once the major decisions are made, you can start to think about the little things. Wicker baskets to store loo roll or kids bath toys in, a stylish unit to stash towels in, some plants and candles to add a touch of warmth to the room, some artwork to hang on the wall – they all add a touch of personality to the room and make it a place you’ll want to spend time in.

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