Self-improvement – why it’s great to work on yourself.

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Self Improvement has always been a topic I have loved to talk about. I’ve always been that person reading ‘self help’ books, reading up on new topics, teaching myself new skills. Never content to just sit and be, I love the challenge of learning something new.

This psat year, I feel as though the self-improvement bug has really taken hold, after being dormant for a period whilst I got through pregnancy, birth and nurtured a newborn alone.

A year ago I decided that it was time to put some focus on myself. To figure out a path forwards, work out what I wanted from life, and push to making that happen. I signed up for a short course with my local University – an Introduction to Counselling Course. Whilst I have decided against pursing counselling as a career right now, instead focusing on Coaching – I love the course. Loved studying again, learning new things, challenging myself and really focusing on my own self-improvement.

Since then, I’ve been studying continuously. I’ve taken some skills-based courses – social media management, web analytics, digital marketing, Microsoft Office skills as well as the Life Coaching Course that I am currently working on.

We are so lucky to live in an age where we can learn from the comfort of our own homes. There are some fantastic course providers online – such as BaseGreen Academy. It really has never been easier to learn new skills, whether they are ones that will help further your career, or simply ones that you would like to have for your own benefit.

Personally, it feels fantastic to be learning still at almost 40. I think it sets such an amazing example to my home-educated children that learning isn’t about school or something you do when you are a child. Learning should be lifelong – you are never too old to learn, there is always something new to discover and a mission for self-imporovemnt is a wonderful mindset to have.

Ready for some self-improvement? Here a five things you can do right now

1 – Read every day – I love reading. I’ve read 30 books so far this year! Whether it’s fiction, self-help, autobiographies… reading exposes you to so much wisdom

2 – Take a course – with online learning so inexpensive and easy to do, there is no excuse not to take a course. Pick something you are passionate about and start learning!

3- Work out your core values – knowing your core values is essential to being hte est version of yourself.

4 – Cultivate a new habit – reading more, waking up earlier, working out…. it takes around 28 days to become a habit, so start working on it right now

5 – Set BIG goals – what is it you really want? Set yourself some goals and start working twoards them,

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