Review // Casdon Flymo Toy Lawn Mower

Role play is vital for kiddos, and even babies like to imitate their parents. Oren loves being out in the garden, and helping me garden {read taking handfuls of soil out of the planters and throwing them over the garden}

We recently were sent this Casdon Flymo Toy Lawn Mower, and he was a very excited 10 month old. It’s a perfect replica of a full size lawn mower, and is a great way for your little one to ‘help out’ in the garden.

I love that it doesn’t need batteries, and is ready straight out of the box. The wheels move, and when you push it is has a mechanical ‘click’ sound for added authenticity.

The only downside is that it doesn’t actually cut the lawn haha! Overall though, it’s definitly a hit and a toy I can see getting played with a lot of the next few years.

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