10 Ways to bond with your baby

Whether you are a first time Mama, or you’ve done this gig once {or more} before, it’s still important to factor in some bonding time with your new baby. Mama and baby are hardwired to enjoy each others company, following your instincts and creating a strong bond now will benefit not only your relationship with each other, but all the relationships baby will ever have.

There is nothing quite so wonderful as staring into your newborn’s eyes, and seeing the love you have for your baby reflected back at you will make your heart melt. To your tiny baby, you are their entire world.

Here are some simple ideas of ways to bond with baby;

1 – Breastfeed – asides from the nutritional benefits, all that skin to skin reassures baby, coupled with being close enough to smell you and hear your heartbeat.

2 – Put your phone away – leave the phone on the side whilst feeding, and stare into babies eyes instead

3 – Pick them up – you cannot spoil a baby! so pick them up and respond to their cries every time, it’s the only way they have to communicate with you. In the long run, they’ll learn that you are there for them and feel happy and safe.

4 – Co-sleep – I’ve slept with all my babies in my bed, and they {and I} sleep so much better for it. Babies feel safest when they know they’re not alone, and nothing beats sleeping together for bonding.

5 – Learn baby massage – the benefits are fantastic – from improved sleep, colic relief, help with teething and a generally more chilled out baby.

6 – Hop in the tub – I love bath time with my babies! From newborns resting on my tummy, to toddlers clambering all over me. Having fun in the tub is as good for baby as it is for Mama.

7 – Sling it up – slings are a godsend. Seriously –  I couldn’t be without mine. Not only do I get two hands-free to get on with jobs, but baby gets extra snuggles too. It’s a great way for busy Mama’s to manage to get anything done, especially if you have a baby who doesn’t like being put down.

8 – Get your wiggle on – nothing beats a good dance around the kitchen! Even little babies will love being hugged tight whilst you have a boogie!

9 –  Get the books out – I’ve read to mine from pretty much day one. Babies are never too young to learn to love reading.

10 – Kiss, kiss, kiss – as much as possible before they’re too big to wipe your kisses off.

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