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At ten weeks postpartum, my body is kind of back to normal. A little softer around the middle, definielty a little heavier, but almost there. I’m nursing for the fifth time, and initially, I was wearing some super comfy crop top type nursing bras all day. After the first few weeks, they started to feel a bit frumpy so I decided I needed to treat myself to some new nursing bras. Around the same time, I got an email from Julie May Lingerie asking if I wanted to try out their nursing bras.

Julie May Lingerie produce a fantastic range of nursing bras that, whilst still being practical, are gorgeous too. There is no need to feel frumpy or boring when you can have one of these beautiful bras to wear!

The first bra I tried out was the ‘Blossom‘, a gorgeous cotton and silk bra. It was so soft to touch, and incredibly comfortable to wear. It’s non-wired, and didn’t dig in or feel tight at all. The lace trim adds a pretty touch to the bra, and the clips were easy to use one-handed when nursing. I loved the colour of the bra, really pretty and feminine.

The second bra I’ve tried was ‘Mist‘, again this was a cotton and silk bra. This design has a Flexible BendableWire™ which gives extra support, yet is still nice and comfortable to wear. The silk is breathable which makes it nice to wear, I find I get hot and sweaty whilst nursing so this was pleasant to wear. The feminine design makes you feel pretty, which is nice in the postpartum period when you can feel a bit ‘un-you’.

The final bra that I’ve been wearing is called ‘Moonkiss‘, and this one was my favourite! Cotton and silk again, it was so comfortable to wear, the cups are easy to unclip and clip back up when baby has finished nursing, it offered great support and looked beautiful! Who said you can’t feel sexy whilst nursing?! With a non-slip shoulder strap, it didn’t dig in or slip which was great, and the tag wasn’t itchy – I often find tags really irritate me.

I’m really impressed with the nursing bras from Julie May Lingerie, they are fantastic quality, so comfortable AND they look beautiful too.


This post is in collaboration with Julie May Lingerie. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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