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Whenever I am in need of a little extra TLC, whether I am ill, tired, emotional or just stressed out, the bath is the place I always go to. It has long been my place of relaxation, somewhere that I can unwind from the day, shake off whatever is bothering me, find some peace and solitude and pamper myself a little.

Give me a bath full of hot water, bubbles, some candles and a good book and you can easily lose me for a few hours! When I was pregnant I seemed to spend most of my time in the bath. I usually come out looking like a prune, but at ease with myself. When my world seems a little upside down, adding the right few key ingredients can leave me feeling the right way up again.

* The bath ~ I couldn’t live in a house without a bath, showers just don’t cut it for me. Ideally, I would love an old claw foot tub, or a corner bath, or perhaps even one of those walk-in baths! I love baths that have shelves at the end – I love a bath surrounded in plants and candles.

* Bubbles ~ you have to fill up that bath with plenty of bubbles. I have a slight Lush obsession, nothing beats a good bath bomb to start of your soak. My favourite is their ‘Rose Jam’ bubble bath bar. Add in some Epsom salts, and a few drops of essential oil and you have the recipe for a perfect soak.

* Lighting ~ Turn off the ceiling lights -harsh, bright lights aren’t exactly conducive to relaxation. So grab a handful {or three} of candles, spread them around the bathroom, lay back and enjoy the peaceful glow.

* Music ~ I love to have some music playing quietly in the background while I soak. Buy yourself a splash-proof Bluetooth speaker, and stream your favourite Spotify playlist into the bathroom. I usually opt for some folk music to relax too, or if I’m too tired to read, I’ll listen to an inspiring podcast or audiobook while I soak.

* Get a bath caddy ~ my wooden bath caddy is seriously the best thing I ever bought. I fill it with candles, keep my drink within easy reach and have somewhere to prop my book safely away from the risk of being dropped in the bath.

* Pop on a facemask ~ a soak in the bath is the perfect time to give your skin some TLC too, and treat it with a face mask. I love the fresh face masks from Lush, or if I’m feeling a bit spotty, I’ll make my own with some bentonite clay.

* Get your book ~ no iPads for me, I use my time in the bath to switch off and read a book. There is something incredibly indulgent about whiling away an hour in a tub full of bubbles, getting lost in a book. It’s my favourite form of escapism!

Do you love a good soak in the bath? What are your bathtime essentials?


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  1. April 8, 2018 / 06:17

    A claw-footed bath tub would be a dream ♥ I have been trying to convince my husband for years that we must have one in our next house. Yes to every single thing on this list!

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