Give Mama a break for Mothers Day with Champneys Spa


I’m sure I’m not the only Mama who finds herself longing for a hotel room for a night? For no reason other than to be able to switch off. To have a full nights sleep, an uninterrupted bath, and the chance to read a magazine before it’s three months out of date. I have been saying that I’m actually going to do this for about the last ten years, so maybe it is time I actually did?! To be fair, I’d probably not know what to do with all that time to myself, or the peace!

With Mothers Day around the corner, a lot of people are thinking about what to get as a gift. The shops are full of floral covered mugs that declare ‘Best Mum Ever’, boxes of chocolates and bunches of flowers. All lovely gifts, but how many ‘Best Mum’ mugs does one Mama need?

What most Mum’s would really love is a day off, heck, maybe even a whole weekend? A chance to rest and relax, and not have to worry about everyone else for just a little while.  While a hotel room would be heaven, what would be even more perfect would be a room combined with a little bit of pampering. The solution? A spa break at Champneys of course!

An overnight spa break gives Mama a chance to completely switch off from being ‘mum’ and relax. Not only are the Champneys spa’s set in beautiful surroundings, but also have beautiful, luxurious rooms too, gorgeous pools to swim in and a serene atmosphere.


I can imagine a weekend there would be the perfect Mothers Day gift, the chance to have a little ‘me’ time, whilst being pampered. The spas all have fitness classes and a gym if you want to keep up the exercise regime, as well as a whole range of spa treatments – everything forms facials to massages, beauty treatments to holistic treatments.

The other thing that really appeals to me about these spa breaks is the food! Champneys offer delicious AND healthy food – which means I can take a break from the cooking – as a single Mama of four, I feel like I spend half my life in the kitchen and it would be lovely to have someone preparing food for me for a change.

I’m sure that a spa break would leave every Mama feeling pampered and rejuvenated, and most importantly of all, loved. I know I would really appreciate an overnight spa break, so if you’re looking for the perfect Mothers Day gift, then why not show your Mama just how much you appreciate all of her har work, and treat her to a little pampering?

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