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Do you do stockings at Christmas? For me, I think it’s one of my favourite things. We’ve had a Christmas stocking tradition for the past 12 Christmases now. The first time I made Lola a stocking was the Christmas after Kiki was born. I realised that Lola would be awake earlier than the baby and wanted to have something she could open before we all went downstairs to open the gifts under the tree.

So a few days before Christmas, I bought a stocking and some little gifts to fill it with. On Christmas morning, I can remember her sitting on my bed, opening these tiny little gifts and being SO excited. She even commented, after she’d opened them all, that Father Christmas had brought her so much and would he come again next year?! So cute!

At that point, we had an evening gift. A tradition left over from my childhood, when we always had one ‘tea time’ gift that we’d open in the evening, I used to love that so much, that I kept it going when I had a family of my own. However, I decided to switch the teatime gift for stockings, and our tradition was born.

Now all five of us have a stocking that we hang up on Christmas Eve. They get filled with a few little gifts, usually around 8/10 – nothing expensive, normally one sweet/chocolate gift, keyrings, pens, games, makeup, that sort of thing… They’ll be hanging full of gifts by the fireplace when we go down to open the gifts under the tree in the morning, but we always save them for dinner time – usually around 5/6pm. The kiddos spend ALL day asking if we can open them yet, but part of the fun is in the waiting right?!

It’s funny how these little gifts bring so much joy to us – they get as much excitement opening these as they do the bigger gifts that they have asked for. I’m already excited to see the kiddos open their stockings this year!

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  1. I love the idea of stockings on Christmas Eve! I bought us all some stockings last year and although we’re not at home for Christmas this year I think this is definitely a tradition I’d like to start next year. Hope you have a lovely Christmas! Becky x

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