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planet mermaid tail reivew

My youngest daughter has always loved mermaids, and when I say loved, really I mean been obsessed with. THere was a time when we watched Ariel over and over {and over}. I have to say I agree with her, there’s something quite mesmerising about mermaids, I’m sure most of us have day-dreamed what it would be like to have a tail at one time or another!

Anyway, when Planet Mermaid got in touch to ask if we’d like to review one of their gorgeous mermaid tails, she was jumping with joy. The hardest part was choosing which one. They have an array of gorgeous different colours available and picking a favourite was hard. She eventually settled on the Sea Star tail.

planet mermaid tail reivew

The mermaid tails are made with fully swimmable, 3D printed fabric – they really do look even more amazing in real life. They have a gap at the bottom where you can insert a monofin – which helps keep the shape and assists swimming. You can also add a mermaid top to your order – Baya picked the tankini top as she thought it looked most ‘mermaidy’

planet mermaid tail reivew

While we haven’t had a chance to take it swimming yet {they’re not allowed in our local pool, and it’s far too cold to go in the sea!}, the quality and fit is fantastic, and I am really impressed with it. Starting from just £32.99 for a mermaid tail, they would make a great Christmas present this year for any mermaid loving little girls! You can also buy matching accessories  – from scrunchies to leggings, briefs to a hair wrap.

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