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My two middle kiddos are both gymnasts, sometimes it feels like we spend half of our lives at their gym! While they both have official club leotards, they love to collect leotards – Baya has so many! I guess it’s nice to have ones in different styles and colours, also saves me having to worry about washing them every five minutes.

We were asked recently if we’d like to review some items from Dancewear Central UK and Miss Kiki was in need of a new leotard and pair of shorts, so she was very pleased.

They have a fantastic range of children’s leotards, shorts, tutus, dance pants and so much more, and all at really reasonable prices as it can get expensive kiting kids out for dance/gym lessons. After much deliberating, we opted for this leotard and these shorts.

They are both really good quality, they’ve been worn several times already and washed, and look as good as new. I’m really impressed with them, and we’ll definitely be buying more here in the future!


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