Review | Bell Jar Lamp from Dandelion Interiors

I keep talking about how I’ve been making my home my own lately! One thing I love most about my house is that we are lucky enough to have lots of living space. THe kids have a playroom downstairs, as well as our den space – which is basically our daytime living room. We also have a living room, that is 99% toy free and more of a ‘grown up’ evening space. That’s not to say the kids aren’t allowed in there, as they most certainly are – but it has a more relaxing, calm, chilling out kinda vibe to it.

It’s where we cosy up for movie nights, or I crash out on the sofa with a book and a glass of Baileys once the kids have gone to bed. I’ve gone from having one floor lamp in there to two-floor lamps and two table lamps – gives enough light to read or craft, yet it feels so much warmer and calming than the overhead light. We also have solar fairy lights that run around the top of the walls – though they make me jump every evening when they ping on haha!

I just added this gorgeous bell jar lamp to the room the other week. It gives a gorgeous warm glow and makes a great feature piece -whether it’s switched on or off! The lamp is a really good quality, solid piece that really finishes the room off. It came from Dandelion Interiors who have an amazing collection of table lamps – quirky, feature pieces that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. I have my eye on the jam jar lights they have too!


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