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This is a total game changer. Seriously. About the only thing I’ve missed since I went vegan was Baileys. I’m happy to live without cheese {Tesco’s new vegan cheese range is SO good}, but Baileys. It’s been my go to Christmas drink since forever {read over twenty years} and the perfect Friday night treat, coupled with a tub of ice-cream and a rom-com.

I suddenly realised yesterday how easy it was to make AND that I had everything I needed in the house. So a few ingredients and five minutes later, I have a bottle of delicious vegan Bailey’s in the fridge ready to make my evenings complete.

It’s lighter than traditional Baileys as it’s made with milk rather than cream, and using agave syrup instead of syrup means it’s a little healthier too. So you can enjoy a guilt-free tipple on a Friday night {or any night of the week for that matter!}

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1 can of coconut milk {you could sub in 400ml of any plant-based milk if you like}

1/4 cup coffee {decaff here!}

1/3 cup Irish Whisky

1tsp vanilla extract

3 tbsp agave {more or less to taste,  I found it sweet enough with just 2}


M E  T H O D

Pop everything in a blender, blitz for a minute to combine and decant into a glass bottle. Chill in the fridge, shake well before pouring and enjoy!


save for later….

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