Kitting us out for summer – a little wishlist


With summer here and holidays just around the corner, I’ve been busy kitting the five of us out with new summer wardrobes. It can get pretty expensive, especially as the girls get bigger – when they were little it was easy to pass clothes down from one to the next. Now though, they all have their own taste/style and don’t always like what gets passed down to them! Miss Kiki especially knows what she likes and is very particular!

I also loathe shopping – I never used to, but these days, have to drag four kids around endless shops, trying to find what we need that fits with our budget – that holds absolultely no appeal to me at all! I do love a bargain though, so will force myself to the shops when it’s sale time. Thankfully, I just came across a site called Love the Sales that lets me search all of the sales in one place – and from the comfort of my own home! My idea of heaven!

After a little browsing, I’ve whittled my wishlist down a little… here are my top six bargains for me and the kids!


1| ZigZag maxi skirt
2|Scotch & Soda Jeans
3| t-shirts for Beastie!
4| Summer dresses for the girls
5| Fun jumpsuit for me
6| Sandals for the boy


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