Tips for Taking Toddlers on Vacation

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Taking the kids on vacation can be wonderful, but equally, it can be an absolute nightmare. The key to success is plenty of advanced planning and the ability to let minor problems drift over your head in a wave of serenity. Here are some tips to help you avoid any major issues on your next family vacation.

Choose the Right Destination

Selecting the right destination is everything when you have kids. As adults, we appreciate city breaks and cultural attractions, but toddlers have a very low boredom threshold and they need a steady routine. Visiting interesting art galleries and exploring local artisan coffee shops might be high on your list of things to do, but with a toddler in tow, Armageddon is always five steps away.

Select a travel destination based on what it has to offer families with young children. This could be anything from a family-friendly beach resort with a kids’ club, children’s play area and a kiddie friendly splash pool to a campsite with plenty of space for the kids to run around and burn off some excess energy.

It’s a good idea to choose a destination where families are welcome. That way there will be a range of family-friendly restaurants, activities, and fun things to do. You can do the city breaks and cultural trips once the kids are old enough to appreciate fine art and interesting architecture (or old enough to leave them with the grandparents for a guilt-free break).

Select Suitable Accommodation

The accommodation is just as important as the destination. Hotels are great, but only if they are happy to accommodate younger children. Some hotels provide a kitchen area on each floor where parents can warm up baby milk and food. This is great for families.

However, if the thought of soothing a fractious toddler in a large hotel dining room doesn’t appeal, consider renting a vacation condo or apartment instead. Snowmass Vacations offers great condos in Snowmass, which are perfect for a winter or summer vacation in Colorado. The beauty of renting a condo or apartment is that you can stick to your own schedule and cook meals to suit the needs of your toddler. It’s also pretty handy if your toddler doesn’t sleep very well and is inclined to wake everyone up at 3 AM.

Pack Smart

Pack everything you think you might need, and then a few extra bits and pieces. The most obvious items to take include special toys, food and drink accessories, medication, and a selection of seasonal clothing. You will be able to buy most things once you arrive, but special toys are irreplaceable, so whatever you do, don’t leave your toddler’s favourite teddy at home in a last minute dash for the airport.

Keeping toddlers entertained is not always easy, so prepare a small bag of new toys for the trip. This can include a pack of crayons, a colouring pad, and anything else they are likely to appreciate. Electronic devices such as iPads and portable DVD players also come in handy for long trips.


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