The power of colour in the home

Until I had a home of my own, I never stopped to think about how colour in the home affects how we feel. When we moved into our first home as a family, where all the walls were painted in magnolia and the carpets were a lovely shade of brown, I realised that spending time in my home was making me feel down and sluggish. There wasn’t much we could do, as we weren’t allowed to decorate that house. When finally we had a house we could decorate, I quickly painted over all the awful magnolia {WHY do landlords insist on painting everywhere magnolia??!!} with lovely, fresh, crisp white paint. Instantly the house felt bigger, and the extra light really lifted my mood. Then I started adding pops of colour through rugs, throws, artwork and flowers.

Now, I still prefer to have most of my walls painted white as I like to be able to easily change the colour scheme of a room through the soft furnishing,s though often I’ll paint a feature wall in a different colour. It’s amazing when you change the cushions or throws on the sofas how different a room can make you feel! Thomas Sanderson have created a Psychology of Colour guide featuring colour choices for each room in the home, shade suggestions and handy tips to finish the look.


Do you use colours in your home to change the feel of a room?



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