Creating a calming bedtime routine for babies with Infacare


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When each of my kids were babies, I found that creating a calming bedtime rhythm really helped them settle at night, and begin to learn the cues that bedtime was around the corner. Our basic routine was always bath, PJ’s, stories and snuggles. Even now, if they’re over-tired or too excited, I’ll run a deep bubble bath and let it work its wonder on them. Mamas and babies need their rest, and creating a calm environment in the run up to bedtime can really help to ensure a better nights sleep for everyone.

Putting a calming rhythm into place AND sticking to it is key to successful bedtimes. I know what it’s like by the end of the day, when you are just exhausted and done and you just want to put them straight to bed before you collapse onto the sofa. Yet, taking half an hour to create a nice, calm atmosphere and get your little one to unwind is totally worth it.

Here are a few tips to help you create the right bedtime rhythm for your family.

  • B U B B L E S ~ a nice, long soak in a bubble bath is the perfect way to begin your bedtime rhythm. Kids love to splash around in the bath, little realising it’s helping them to unwind. I love to use Infacare Night-Time Baby Bath for my little ones. As babies skin is ten times more delicate than an adults, it is ultra-mild and pH balanced while still creating masses of long-lasting bubbles for bath time fun.
  • M A S S A G E ~ I love mixing a few drops of lavender oil in the palm of my hand, either with some sweet almond oil or coconut oil and use it to give a little baby massage. Not only will the lavender and massage help to make them feel sleepy, they’ll end up with silky soft skin.
  • T E E T H ~ weaving teeth cleaning into a bedtime rhythm is a great way to teach dental hygiene and send sleepy time cues.
  • P J ‘ S ~ once your little one is all clean, pop on a pair of fresh pj’s – in the winter I put them on the radiator while we’re in the bath so they have snuggly warm PJ’s waiting for them!
  • S T O R I E S ~ I’ve read to my kids ever since they were tiny babies, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read Goodnight Moon now! Mine all love snuggling up on my bed for a few stories before bedtime.
  • G O O D N I G H T ‘ S ~ my littlies always like to have a little chat before bed, about things we’ve done, or what we’re doing tomorrow, or things that are on their mind. I find giving them five minutes to chat lets them unload their minds so they can settle down for sleeping.
  • L U L L A B Y ‘ S / W H I T E  N O I SE ~ my girls always loved to have some lullabies playing as tehy fell to sleep, Beastie loves his white noise still. It gives them something to focus on as they’re falling asleep.

What does bedtime look like in your house? I’d love to hear what your rhythm looks like.


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