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I love to cook from scratch, as a family we eat very little processed foods, preferring to make it ourselves. From pasta sauce, soups, to chilis, pasta dishes, Buddha bowls… I love getting an hour or so in the kitchen in an afternoon to whip up that evening’s meal. Of course, there are days when life gets hectic and the best-laid plans fail. I usually try and keep a few extra portions of homemade meals in the freezer, or some quick meal ingredients in the pantry – pesto pasta is a great standby for days when I only have twenty minutes to get a meal on the table!

I am generally not a fan of ready meals, as usually they contain far more sugar and salt {as well as indgredients} than is necessary. So when Everdine asked me if I’d like to review their frozen meals, I was a little unsure at first. But as I browsed their website I was surprised to see that Everdine offer ‘clean’ meals – wholesome food, cooked from scratch, using the finest ingredients with no preservatives. The meals are blast-frozen immediately after they’re cooked, to seal in all the goodness and flavour.

They offer a classic menu or veggie menu, with your choice of either 8 or 12 meals at a time. I opted for the veggie menu, selecting two each of four different meals that didn’t have dairy in them. The meals are complete meals – you don’t need to cook anything additional to go alongside them, they are low in sugar and salt, not highly calorific and easy to heat. They suggest microwaving, but I don’t own one, so cooked everything in the oven with no issues.

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The meals were surprisingly tasty, and the portion sizes were great – not tiny, but not huge either. The Falafel Shawarma was probably my favourite, closely followed by the cauliflower and asparagus risotto.

While I wouldn’t opt to eat them every day, they are really handy to have in the freezer for those nights when you run out of time to make a meal {or you’re simply too exhausted!}.

The cost of eight Classic or Vegetarian meals is £55.20, or £76.80 for 12 meals, which works out at £6.40 per meal including free delivery. Everdine is a subscription service, but you can unsubscribe at any time if you don’t want to receive another delivery. If you’d like to try their meals, you can get £25 off your first order by signing up here –


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