5 benefits of family bike rides


I’ve been thinking lately about getting myself a bike. It’s been years since I rode a bike {apart from testing out the girl’s bikes in the park sometimes!}. As a teenager, I loved the freedom my bike gave me to get out and about without having to rely on lifts or public transport. Plus it was a great way to escape when my anxiety was playing up. The girls all have bikes and love getting out on them in the summer. I’ve been looking at bike options for me, at the minute I need something I can add a seat for Beastie or a tag along onto as he’s a little small to manage long rides on his own.

There are so many bike options I feel a bit lost and confused, to be honest! We’re lucky in that I have a second hallway that basically functions as our bike/scooter storage, so space isn’t a concern. But if it is for you, how great is this lightweight fold up bike?!

I think cycling is a great family activity – and something that is an essential skill for kids to learn, here are 5 reasons why

1| It’s a great way to get around – For tweens/teens, cycling gives them the freedom to get around easily – to and from school, to friends houses or evening clubs. It gives them a burgeoning independence.

2| It’s fun –  often it’s the simple things that are the most fun. Learning to ride a bike is a great confidence booster, and a fun activity they can share with friends and family.

3| It’s good for the environment – I talk a lot with my kids about the impact our lifestyle has on teh environment, and why we choose certain things over others. Teaching them to ride a bike has long-term benefits for the environment – it reduces carbon emissions and eases traffic congestion.

4| It’s something the whole family can enjoy together – I’m all for more family time, especially activities that work for a variety of ages.

5| It’s fantastic for physical AND mental health – riding a bike is a great way to keep fit, but physical exercise also helps imporove mental health and make you feel happier!


Do you enjoy family bike rides?


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