7 tips to get your garden ready for summer fun


As soon as the first signs of spring start to arrive I start daydreaming of all those long summer days and evenings we can spend in the garden – picnics, afternoons spent in the paddling pool, BBQ’s, evenings sat outdoors. We love spending time outside so much, and I’ve been working hard the last couple of months to get my garden summer ready and making it into a lovely, relaxing space to spend time. This year, I really wanted to transform my garden, and make it colourful and pretty – an extension of my home.

My biggest job this year was getting rid of the old metal shed that was taking up my patio space – it was an eyesore, so with that gone the garden looks so different, and we gained a tonne of space!
1| Tidy, tidy, tidy ~ first step is to have a good tidy around. Clear any fallen leaves, do some weeding, clear beds of any dead plants, cut the grass, trim any bushes/trees that are overgrown. I’m always amazed by how much of a difference a couple of hours tidying up in garden can make!

2| Paint it ~  if your garden furniture is looking a little old and worn, a quick and inexpensive way to give it a new lease of life is to paint it. I just painted my metal table and chairs, as well as some plastic garden chairs with spray paint. I picked a mix of pink, purple and teal and they look as good as new! I love the pop of colour it has added – especially when the sun isn’t shining!

3| Herbs ~ creating a herb bed not only adds some lovely aromas to your garden, but also is great for having fresh herbs on hand for cooking. I cleared our beds that had ornamental plants out, and created a veg patch and a herb bed. I planted lavender, mint, thyme, parsley, basil, chives, lemon balm, rosemary, sage and corriander!

4| Decking ~ now’s a perfect time to replace old decking, or even create a whole new decking area. I’m thinking of creating a decked area by the ffrench windows – I like to sit there in a morning with my first coffee of the day!

5| Lighting ~ adding lighting is enssential if you plan to spend evenings in the garden. Solar post lights around the edges of beds and paths are great, as are strings of fairy lights. We have a few long strings hung around the patio area – over the table, along the shed and wrapped around the trees. It looks so pretty and is perfect when the sun goes down.

6| Colour ~ plant lots of flowers around the seating area to add some colour. If you haven’t any beds to plant in, gather an assortment of plant pots – and think about staggering the height – I used an old wooden bench to put pots on top of to bring some up to eye level.

7| Decorate ~ we used some driftwood and ribbon to create some beautiful hanging decorations for our garden, I’m also making some bunting to string along the fence. Add some windchimes, or some hanging shells, use flowers or blossom branches to make table centerpieces – let your imagination run wild, the more colourful the better!



  1. May 23, 2017 / 05:32

    I love summer, this is the best time to spend precious hours in the garden and enjoy the beauty of nature. I always feel some connection between my brain and nature. It give me positive vibes.

  2. December 28, 2017 / 09:58

    Nice article. In summers I love to spend my much time in the garden and enjoy beautiful view of nature. I feel so much relaxed in garden. Thank you for sharing.

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