Time for a Redesign

As any parents of multiple children will know, space is one of those rare luxuries, we often can’t afford. Yet the squabbling and desperation for privacy that erupts when there simply isn’t enough space for the kids, their clothes, their toys, and all the other things that seem to appear randomly once you have children, is, most of the time, just too much to bear. So, what’s the solution. I’ve found that the key to making kids happy is just to make things fun. It’s the simplest of solutions, but if your child thinks what they need to do is part of a game, or holds even the teensiest bit of excitement, then chances are you can convince them that it’s a good idea. These tactics can even be applied to bedroom arrangements.


Bedtime Blues

With younger siblings of a similar age, you will find that bedtime routines can seemingly go on forever as they skip in and out of each other’s rooms, or even into each other’s beds to play, as they whisper, snuggle and share toys under the canopy of their duvets. If, like me, you appreciate the fact that siblings will want to be close to each other, especially when they are younger, you will see the Triple Sleeper Bunk Beds from online retailer, Bedstar as one of the most convenient options for a shared bedroom.


Space Savers

Triple sleeper bunk beds, although a larger option than the single bed obviously, are fantastic for siblings that share a room, especially if lack of space means and older child needs to share with a younger sibling. The lower double bed gives an older child a feeling of status, lessening the annoyance of having to share a room with their younger brother or sister. It’s also a great option should your kids enjoy sleepovers (what kids don’t?!) as all their friends can bundle in for a night of films and secret chats. While your children will see triple sleeper bunk beds as a fun take on the traditional bunk bed, you will enjoy the fact that it takes up less floor space than two separate single beds, or a double and single. The extra space created is a blessing as it will allow for more storage options to be kept in the children’s bedroom.

Simple Solutions

I know that when thinking about redecorating my kids’ bedrooms, that I’m always keen to keep things as simple as possible, and triple sleeper bunkbeds will most definitely top of my list when the time comes to give their rooms an overhaul. Now all you need to do is to agree with your kids on the design: is durable metal best for your boisterous bunch, or will you go for hardwearing and classic wooden triple sleeper bunk beds in white, or a natural wood finish?


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