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We’re a family of book lovers. Our bookshelves are all heaving with books, and there are random piles of books that someone is half way through reading all over the place. I’ve always loved books, and it was something that I really wanted to pass on to my kiddos. From Lola being a tiny tot, I have read her stories, given her board books to ‘read’ on her own, taken her to the library. There are stories that I have been reading over and over for the last 13 years to one little one or another. Goodnight Moon I can recite off by heart, i’ve read it so many time!

As part of our homeschooling, the middle two girls and I read a book together – even at 10 and 7 it’s great for them to be read to – they get the enjoyment of stories that may be a little above their reading abilities,they can decode a book they are listening to better sometimes than if they are reading it for themselves – it’s also a great bonding, family thing to do all together.

My girls also will sit and read to Beastie now, they love to re-read their old picture books to him, he loves the stories and they get some fantastic reading practice too! Beastie currently loves reading some of the ‘That’s not my…’ to me – his favourite is ‘That’s not my puppy’. I love the connection and bond enjoying books together brings, and I love watching my kiddos get lost in some of the stories that I enjoyed as a child.

ThisĀ nursery in Teddington have created this great infographic, showing just how reading helps our kids, as well as offering some tips to get you started!

Do your kiddos love to read or be read to? What are some of your favourite stories?




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