Adding ambience with lighting


It’s amazing what a difference lighting can make to the way that your home feels. Ceiling lights tend to be harsh, making the room bright but cold feeling. While they are useful on these dark, winter days when the sun doesn’t manage to come out from behind the clouds and the house is in a permanent twilight and we need a bright space to work in through the day, come the evening, they don’t make the house feel like a warm, welcoming space to relax in.

I’ve been adding more floor lamps, more fairy lights, switching off the ceiling lights and enjoying the warm glow that I have instead. Here are a few tips to get you started;

1| Add floor lamps – I have two-floor lamps, with paper shades [from IKEA} in the living room. Tucked behind the sofas, they give a lovely warm glow – perfect for late nights and early mornings!

2| Fairy Lights – I have fairy lights in my kitchen window, as well as two strips that run around the living room ceiling. Twinkly lights make me happy, and give such a warm, happy feeling to a room

3| Wall lights – these are a good alternative to using the ceiling lights, pop a warm coloured bulb in, and you’ll add some ambiance to the room. I’m thinking this could be a good option in our den/studio {planning on looking at Electrical Guys to sort this out soon!}

4| Candles – on our dining room table, the fireplace in the living room, in the bathroom – I love, love, love candles! The warm, yellow, flickering light is so relaxing. I love a candle lit bath – never fails to make me sleepy!

5| Change your lightbulbs – I’ve been switching some of the bulbs in our ceiling lights for daylight bulbs – the light is much more pleasant and counters the effects of winter on our moods!


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