Making my house my own


January always feels like a good time to declutter and re-organise my home. When Christmas is packed away, and the weather makes you want to stay home more, I love having a good sort out, move a few things around and make the space extra cosy. This year, I’ve been busy making the place all mine. Now it’s just me and the kids, I wanted to really put my own stamp on the place, and while it’s always been me who’s done the decorating and homemaking, now I can fully make the place mine and exactly how I’d like it to be.

I’ve been working room by room, going through bookshelves, and drawers, working on the motto “Don’t have anything that isn’t beautiful or useful in your home”. I’ve let go of things that I don’t truly love, things that no longer fit, things that aren’t useful any longer.  Figuring out what it is I like, and how I want my home to feel.

I love white walls, as they’re easy to change up – adding pops of colour with cushions, rugs, and throws. Walls decorated with beautiful, meaningful artwork. Displays of some of my favourite things – crystals, our collection of feathers we collected over the years, my heart shaped stones. Adding warmth with wicker storage baskets, colourful Moroccan poufs, and fairy lights.

I’ve added a beautiful mandala throw on the wall behind my bed, created an alter space where I can place my affirmation cards each day, burn a candle and find five minutes peace to mediate. I’ve changed up the artwork on our walls – adding more photos to our Instagram gallery wall and some inspirational quotes to my living room wall. Bunting has been hung, bags full of no-longer-wanted things donated to the charity shop and furniture moved around.

The result is a house that feels like me… it’s warm, cosy and inviting. A calm, stress-free place for the kiddos and I to relax. Fairy lights in the kitchen and a tray full of candles on the table, so dinner every night feels special. More floor lamps in the living room, so the lighting is soft and warm, instead of the harsh light from the ceiling light – making for a lovely space to curl up with a movie, either with the kids or by myself once they are all in bed. A place we love to come home to after a day out, somewhere we can spend long, lazy weekend days quite happily.

Clearing out the clutter has made a huge difference, mentally and emotionally. Letting go and releasing, welcoming in this new chapter in my life. There are a few things on my wishlist – a new ceiling light for the hallway {we currently have a hideous, ancient gold chandelier that I want to switch up for a wicker lampshade}, a new sideboard for the hallway to store all the zilllion hats/scarves/gloves we have as well as all the junk that seems to get left there {I’ve been lusting after a few on, and then we’re turning the den into a studio for the kids and I to sew/paint/create in, so I’m looking for a new rug for there, as well as some new curtains to brighten up the space.

It feels so good to be switching things up, making plans and making a sanctuary for the kids and me to hide away. And after years of not really being able to have company over, we’ve been loving inviting friends round for play dates and lunches.



    • January 27, 2017 / 07:54

      oh it does! it’s like a fairy grotto :D

  1. Sam
    January 23, 2017 / 13:38

    I adore this. It makes me feel happy just reading this. And inspired, so inspired.

    • January 27, 2017 / 07:54

      thank you! xxx

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