What’s the price of keeping warm this winter?


While thankfully os far this winter it has been fairly mild, and I can have the heating switched off in the daytime, mornings and evenings are so cold. My heating kicks in at 6am, so the house is warmed through before I get up with Lola and send her off to school, and it comes back on around dinner time until the kiddos have gone to bed. Then I sit and keep warm under blankets as it seems silly to heat the whole house just for me to sit in one room.

It can be really expensive to heat a house, so it’s vital that you keep the heat in once you have paid for it. Newview Homes have asked me for my tops tips on keeping the heat in.

1. Insulating Lofts

We all know heat rises, and if your loft isn’t insulated it’s just going to escape right out the top. Insulating a house can mean you use up to 45% less energy to heat the house. It really does pay for itself!

2. Cavity Wall Insulation

Likewise, if you have cavity walls, ensure they are insulated to trap the heat inside.

3. Fill in the cracks

Old houses especially can have so manhy cracks and gaps around windows and doors – put together, it would be like having a window wide open all the time, and account for around 15% of heating loss in your house. Filling them in, and adding door snakes at the bottom of yoru doors can make a big difference.

4. Use curtains

Thick, heavy curtains that extend below the bottom of the window insulate the windows and keep the heat locked inside the house.

5. Add secondary glazing

If you have an old house, you might still have single glazing. Adding another layer with secondary glazing will insulate your house, but also help to make it quieter as a bonus.

6. Close the doors

Keeping doors shut traps the heat inside rooms – I try and keep bedroom doors and the living room door shut through the daytimes to keep the heat in. Not always easy with little people running in and out but it does make a difference! And coming downstairs in the morning to a living room that’s been closed up all night is a bit like walking into an oven – makes getting out of bed a little less awful!

What are your top tips for keeping your house warm through winter?


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