Bathtime Bliss

bath and shelf

I’ve turned into something of a water baby these past few months. I’ve always loved a soak in a hot bath – as a Mama, it’s a great place to escape to at the end of the day, unwind and enjoy a little relaxation. Usually, it’s a once a week {or so} treat… showers every day, and an hour long soak, candles burning, music playing, book in hand once a week or so when I have the chance.

Since my marriage fell apart, evenings have been the toughest part to get through. Once the kiddos were all tucked up in bed, the house seemed so quiet and still, and I was left alone with just my thoughts for company. It’s the time I felt the lonelisest.. which is silly really, as I was usually alone in the evenings anyway, as he’d be at work or out. At a loss at what to do with myself, and in the early weeks I couldn’t concentrate on books or TV, I often ended up in the bath most evenings. The room lit with candles and some sad songs playing on Spotify. I’d sit in the water until it went cold.

It’s been my best therapy so far, and I’ve put together the perfect bathtime essentials to really get the most out of it

* Candles – the more the better. Scented, or not, I’ve about twenty that I light and dot around the room! It’s far more relaxing than the harsh ceiling light, and bright enough for me to read or journal by.

* Epsom Salts – recommended by a friend, I bought a giant bag and pour it in my bath by the cupful. It’s a great stress reliever amongst so many other benefits.

* Music – Spotify all the way – those playlists have been my saviour lately – I’ve listened to Margo Price’s Midwest Farmers Daughter on repeat for months, but this Sad Songs playlist is great and for a bit of kick-ass inspiration, I love this one!

* Book – I don’t have the concentration to read a novel at the minute, but I’ve found more ‘self-help’ type books really good. I can read and think whilst I soak. I’ve just read Present over Perfect which was amazing, as well as Jump and Your Life Will Appear, and I Create My Day. I’ve just started Simply Tuesday.

* Towels – lovely, soft fluffy towels for wrapping up in after – I pop mine on the radiator so it’s like a soft, warm hug.

* Body Oil – I’m currently living this relaxing L’ocitane body oil. Taking five minutes to massage some all over.

How about you – what are your bath time essentials?


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