4 Easy and Affordable Ways to Create Storage in Your Small Space


When you first moved into your apartment, you had just the right amount of space to store all of your belongings. However, as most of us do, you will purchase more items to fill your home and make it special. If you live in a small home or apartment, finding a way to store all of these things can get out of hand. What was once a nice and neat space is now more cluttered and unwelcoming to live in. Before you go out and pay for additional storage or start thinking of relocating, you should consider creative and affordable options for conserving space.

Renters Need Protection

Before getting into creative ways to organize your small space, it is important to talk about protection for your personal items. Everything from your clothing and jewelry to appliances and electrical devices should have the proper protection to ensure they can be replaced should an unforeseen circumstance occur.

Should a fire, burglary, or plumbing emergency damage your belongings, you would have to pay out of pocket to replace them. Renters insurance, on the other hand, provides financial coverage to tenants to ensure they can replace the items with little to no out of pocket expense. So as you’re filling up your home with décor, appliances, and personal items, be sure that you have adequate coverage.

Creative Ways to Save Space

Once you’ve taken the extra steps to protect your personal belongings, you’re ready to come up with creative ways to store them in your small home or apartment. Below are a few ideas that will conserve space giving your home a more open and organized look.

1. Shoe Holders for Closets

Plastic shoe holders that hang over the closet door can be ideal for conserving space. They are very affordable and can be used to store more than just shoes. You can place anything from jewelry and belts to cleaning and bathroom supplies in them. This is ideal for areas like the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen where you may not have as much closet space.

2. Wall Hooks for Kitchen Utensils

Not enough drawer space in your kitchen to keep all of your cooking utensils? You could easily install heavy duty wall hooks and utilize wall space. You can hang up your cooking utensils as well as small pots and pans to free up some space in your cabinets and drawers.

3. Under the Bed Organizers

Often times apartments have smaller closet space making it difficult to store your clothes and shoes. You can free up some closet space for the things you wear the most by placing off-season items in under the bed storage containers. They have various types and styles to meet your style

and budget needs. If you have less to invest you can opt for cardboard boxes that easily slide under the bed. For a more creative vibe and a bit more money you can also opt for plastic totes or decorative cloth containers. Purchase a bed skirt to hide the containers from plain view.

4. Free Standing Shelves for the Kitchens

Cabinet space is often sacrificed in smaller homes and apartments. However, if you happen to love cooking and creating masterpieces in the kitchen, you may have several favorite appliances with nowhere to put them. Free standing shelving units can be a great solution and a lot more affordable than investing in more cabinets. They come in varying heights and materials to match your kitchen décor. Now you can store your blenders, crock pots, and other kitchen gadgets on the shelf without sacrificing counter and cabinet space.

Having smaller square footage does not mean that you have to sacrifice filling your home with things that you want and need. With a bit of creativity and very little investment, you can make your small home or apartment space look and fill a lot bigger. As you can see, there are plenty of ways to find storage in your small living space without having to compromise décor or go over budget.


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