My top five kitchen appliances {aka what I can’t live without}

my top five kitchen appliances

I’m not sure if it’s just me… but spring not only makes me feel like decluttering and cleaning my house but also makes me want to {finally} replace or upgrade all those kitchen gadgets that have broken or are about to! My jug blender broke a couple of months ago, and instead of replacing it I’ve been using my Blend Active to blend my soups/sauces! Anyway, I’ve teamed up with Tesco’s to bring you this list of my five top kitchen appliances – both the ones that I couldn’t live without and the ones that I’m desperately wishing I owned!!

1| De’Longhi Scultura Pump Espresso Coffee Machine

Given how much coffee I drink. I’d love love love one of these!! I’m currently using just a stove top maker, which does the job, but this would revolutionise my mornings! Imagine all those lattes I could make with the built-in milk frother?!!


2| Breville Blend Active Blender

We’ve had this for over a year, and I have to say, it’s great. It gets used daily for my husband’s post-gym smoothies, I whip up smoothies for the kiddos and I, as well as using it to blend my soups/sauces right now!! I love the convenience of making the drinks straight in the bottles. It’s a bargain price and is one of the best kitchen appliances we’ve owned.


3| Britta Marella Water Filter Jug

I’ve been trying to increase the amount of water I’m drinking throughout the day, and a water filter jug really helps. Not only does the water taste nicer {and has less impurities in it}, but I can keep the jug in the fridge door so  I can have a refreshing, ice-cold glass of water – meaning I’m far more likely to drink it than if it was lukewarm.


4| Whole Fruit Juicer

I’ll admit – this has been sat in the cupboard over winter, gathering dust. I just dug it back out and dusted it off, and remembered how great it is. The kiddos LOVE making fresh fruit juice – it’s a great way to use up excess fruit, and you can add in some veggies to make it extra healthy. I’m trying to get back into the habit of having a ‘green juice’ for breakfast every day.


5| Kenwood Patissier Stand Mixer

We love baking – but I don’t love all the mixing! Probably because I’m usually trying to do twenty things at once, but I love my stand mixer – being able to through a load of bread dough or pizza dough in and let it do the hard work for me is such a life-saver! I also use it to mix up perfectly smooth pancake mix sometimes, or my favourite carrot cake.


What kitchen appliances could you not live without?


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