Review | Lighthouse Puddlesuit Waterproof Rainsuit

lighthouse Puddlesuit Waterproof Rainsuit

Just before we went to the Just So festival, this Puddlesuit Waterproof Rainsuit from Lighthouse arrived for Beastie, and it’s a good job it did! It ended up being a super wet and muddy weekend, and he barely took it off. The Puddlesuit ended up being the best thing that we took with us!

It is made from 100% waterproof and breathable microfibre, and has long-line zips for ease of getting it on and off, and also a reinforced double seat for durability. I got Beastie a size 2-3 and it should just see him through the winter {he turns 2 in December} as he’s quite tall for his age. He wore it over his clothes all weekend and he stayed lovely and dry {unlike the rest of us!}.

Puddlesuit Waterproof Rainsuit review

The suit is windproof as well, and has an integral hood to keep little heads warm and dry, and cuffed ankle/wrists. Even when the rain stopped, Beastie wore it all weekend as the site was so muddy, this kept his clothes dry and clean {even when he sat down in the biggest patch of mud he could find!}. It will be an essential all winter long here – Wales is renowned for it’s rain, and Beastie loves puddle jumping!

beastie lighthouse puddlesuit

It’s currently on offer for only £19.95 – an absolute bargain for a guaranteed of a warm and dry little one! Tehy also offer it in pink, and in sizes from 6-12m right up to 11-12 years!


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