Fantastic Ideas for a Teenager’s Birthday Party

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIs your teenager getting ready to celebrate another birthday soon? And are you struggling to come up with some fantastic ideas for your teen’s birthday party so that you can work on planning a memorable event for everyone involved? Then continue reading for a short list of some fun and creative birthday party theme ideas that your teen is sure to love.  

A Carnival Theme

Who doesn’t enjoy going to an exciting carnival? If your teen makes it a point to go to the carnival every chance they get, why not throw a birthday party that has a carnival theme? This is a great way to do something that’s a little different and a lot of fun. If you have the room, you can host this type of party in your own backyard, or you can instead rent a party venue and then fill the space with carnival game rentals that all of the guests will be able to play. In other words, this won’t be your typical birthday party; it will actually be a carnival, complete with a cotton candy machine, a dunk tank, and all of your teen’s favorite carnival games, from Plinko and Tin Can Alley, to the Striker Challenge and the Football Challenge.

An ‘80s Theme 

The ‘80s were definitely a memorable decade, so if your teen looks back into the past and finds that ‘80s fashion and music really speak to them, why not throw a birthday bash with an ‘80s theme? It will feel like you have gone back in time, so it will even be a lot of fun for you, especially if you grew up during that unique decade. Just be sure that you have the best ‘80s music playing loudly so that people can sing and dance along, and encourage all of the guests to dress up in classic ‘80s attire to really help bring this fun theme to life. You can even have the teens play ‘80s games together or watch classic movies from the era.

A Glow Party Theme

Turn the lights off and turn the black lights and neon lights on for a really fun glow party. This is also known as the dark party theme or the neon party theme, and it is a really popular option for teens who want to have a dance party with a different vibe. Everything will glow in the dark, thanks to black lights, and the guests can be encouraged to wear white or black t-shirts to glow as well. Play techno music that everyone can dance to, hand out glow sticks, and let the kids play games like truth or dare and hide and seek, have a dance-off, and indulge in a neon colored birthday cake.

These are just a few of the many different teen birthday party themes that you can come up with. Get creative and have fun during the planning process by working with your teen to bring their special party to life. Then sit back and watch everyone make memories that will last a lifetime.


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